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James Andrews - Jazz Piano Trio

On October 7, 1981, James Andrews Jr. was born in Panama City, Florida to parents James Andrews Sr. and Eldiest Andrews. On this day, Andrews entered into a musical family that consisted of eight members. At an early age, he was mentored and guided by his parents to begin playing music in the church setting with his siblings. At the age of two, Andrews began playing drums in the local and area churches under the direction and guidance of his parents. It was from this point that his family realized his God given, musical gift.

Upon entering school, Andrews became a part of the Marianna High School Band in Marianna, Fl. At this point, he began to study music more in depth, and discovered that he had an interest in music production. After several years of being a part of the band, Andrews graduated from High School and enrolled in Chipola College on a sound engineering scholarship. This opportunity allowed him the opportunity to further his education as well as sharpen his skills.

 While in college, Andrews played a major role in the production and recording of live musical performance by the College’s Show Choir at many venues around the country which consisted of Walt Disney World, Carnival Cruise Lines, Florida State University, Northwest Florida State College, and many more. In conjunction with this new found role, Andrews produced and recorded for many artists and record labels with various genres of music which included Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Jazz, and Rhythm and Blues. After receiving experience in the music industry, Andrews met his wife and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he residzes today.

Upon the relocation, Andrews established Expected Ends Media Productions LLC which is a company dedicated to media productions that include web and graphic design, music production, and media needs for businesses both large and small. Through the company, Andrews produced and marketed for many recording artists and live concerts which have created opportunities to share the stage with well-known artist such as Vicky Yohe, Canton Jones, Dr. Leonard Scott, and many others.

 Andrews is the husband of LaChrissa Andrews and the proud father to his two daughters Christlyn and Dejah, who are following in their father’s footsteps musically. He has a passion for music with the ability and creativity to bring the music to life. Above all, Andrews has a strong passion and love for Jesus Christ as he is currently serving as the Minister of Music for Life Center Church in Fayetteville, GA under the direction of Pastor Christine Evans. Andrews is extremely grateful for the opportunities in which God has granted him through the gift in which he was blessed with at an early age. He is a firm believer that, “All things are possible to him that believes” as he is yet preparing to further make an impact on the music industry.

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