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T Wesley and the Walk Up Trio

I am primarily a singer. Yes, I play bass, but that is so I can work. I am happiest when I can just sing and not think about anything other that what I am singing and how it fits with the musicians I am performing with. My favorite music to sing is whatever seems right for the moment and that is influenced by a combination of factors like: Who am I working with?  What are their musical strengths and preferences? What is the situation? Are we front and center? Are we strictly in the background? Who is the audience? Are they here to listen? To dance? Different situations call for different approaches. I like trying to size up an audience and see if I can "ring their bell" or "hit 'em where they live."  The more I do this the more I am aware that people come from different backgrounds, regions, histories, experiences... Those differences make humanity rich. If I can find a tune that resonates with someone else, I enjoy the giving of it. Music is a gift.

Earlier Event: September 13
5-Course Beer Dinner
Later Event: September 26
T Wesley and the Walk Up Trio